Customer Service

Customer Service

customer service

Customer Service

Many customers visit our store from Japan and overseas. We have the perfect environment for those who want to utilize their language skills and enjoy customer service. Our motto is to "Convey" rather than to "sell". Therefore we don't have any sales quotas, but rather staff train to become highly knowledgeable in order to educate customers on the quality of Japanese knives.  

Trial Cutting Services

At our stores, we have tomatoes and carrots available to be used for trial cutting. Through these trials we help customers decide on the knife that is right for them, as well as explain the benefits of knives and how to use them correctly. When we compare the carrots cut with a sharp knife and a dull knife, many of our customers are surprised and impressed by the difference. Our job is not just about selling; when customers understand the quality of our knives we get a sense of accomplishment.

resharpening services

Sharpening Education

We provide a resharpening demonstration of about 5 to 10 minutes so that customers can learn how to resharpen their knives themselves. Many customers worry that it may be too difficult to do on their own or that they might ruin their knives during the process. We try to convey to our customers that anyone can easily sharpen a knife with some guidance and a little bit of practice.

Resharpening Reception

We also offer a sharpening service and accept resharpening of knives that were not purchased from us. We have many repeat customers, and our conversations with them always brighten our day and makes our job all the more enjoyable.

towerknives tours


We provide support to overseas and Japanese tour groups. We explain the history of knives and our trial cutting services in about 5 to 10 minutes. Although the time is limited, this job brings a great sense of accomplishment as you can see on the faces of customers having a great time.

Business Trips/Events

We occasionally open pop-up stores and travel to various events where you can enjoy a fresh, new working environment. As pop-up stores and events are very popular and demand is expected to increase, there is a high possibility that you will be able to experience this aspect soon after joining the company.