towerknives osaka resharpening


We are professional knife makers who create excellent knives through several processes such as hand grinding and polishing. The passion and skill of craftsmen combine to create knives that are both pleasing to the eye and practical.


Sharpening, handle fitting, quality control, etc.

resharpening using a water stone

Sharpening on a water stone

A water stone (machine) is used to sharpen knife blanks or knives that are chipped or deformed, due to long-term use. After that, you can polish it using several types of buffs to give it a beautiful finish. Training for these skills requires long term dedication and patience.


Each knife we receive for our re-sharpening service is finished by hand. Perfecting the resharpening technique won't happen overnight. But once you do get it right, seeing the impressed look on our customers' faces when they see the results motivates us.


Handle Fitting

We add handles to our original knives and as well as other knives. We also accept handle exchanges on knives brought in by our customers. Customers can watch while we attach handles in the back of our Osaka shop where our work space is located.


Each of our original knives is hand-engraved with the brand name by our staff. We also offer the option to hand engrave names on knives purchased in our stores. We chisel each knife with great care so we can create a special one-of-a-kind knife for our customers.

inspecting knives

Quality Control

All the knives displayed in our store have been meticulously inspected for quality, adhering to our company's strict standards. This includes thorough checks for any chips, scratches, blemishes, sharpness of the blade, and even the handle finish. We take great care to ensure that our customers can use them with confidence and a peace of mind.