We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our customers.

How long does it take to re-sharpen?

If you bring your knives to the Osaka shop (Tower Knives Osaka)some text

If you bring your knives before 3PM, we can usually finish them on the same date unless you bring very specific types of knives or the shop is very busy.

If you bring your knives to the Tokyo shop (Tower Knives Tokyo)some text

It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to return your knives as we sharpen knives only in our Osaka store.

Can I get my knife engraved?

You can have your name engraved on the knife you purchased. Names can be engraved in either kanji or katakana. Some knives which are made of one piece of hard steel  cannot be engraved.

How long does it take to engrave a knife?

For 500 yen per knife, you can have your name engraved in Japanese kanji or katakana for in-person purchases. After you purchase the product and confirm the draft of your name, the engraving will be completed in approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Please note that the engraving is done by hand, so if there are a large number of characters or lines, it may take longer.

Can you have your name engraved on any knife you bring in?

Our store policy is to only engrave knives purchased at our store locations. We are familiar with the steel and know which knives can and cannot be engraved.

We can also reslove any issues that may come up during the engraving process.

When should I make the payment?

In the case of mail order, we will contact you by email or phone after making your selection at the time of ordering.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card, bank transfer (transfer fee is paid by the customer), cash on delivery (cash on delivery fee ¥440 is paid by the customer, cash only)

Is it possible to get products wrapped for a gift?

Gift wrapping is available free of charge both in-store and online. For online orders, please select the gift wrapping option when ordering.

What steps do you follow regarding online orders?

Orders placed at the online shop are finalized when you send an 'order request'. Our staff will contact you via email to confirm your order. Please double check that the items you ordered are correct.

Please be aware that single-edged knives (fillet knives) may be mistaken for general-purpose knives, and left-handed people may buy right-handed knives. Exchanges after international shipping can be expensive, so please read the policy below before placing your order.

After confirming your order, we will issue an electronic invoice via PayPal or Square. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay your Square bill with a credit card.

How long does it take for items ordered online to arrive?

In the case of bank transfer or credit card payment, the product will be shipped after the payment is confirmed. Usually, products can be delivered to domestic addresses within 2-3 days after payment. In the case of cash on delivery, the order will be shipped as soon as the order is confirmed. Depending on the region, delivery can take 1 to 2 days.

What shipping company do you use?
  • Domestic delivery will be shipped by Sagawa Express. Orders to Okinawa Prefecture will be delivered by Yu-Pack.
  • Return for resharpening (domestic delivery): You can choose from Sagawa Express or Japan Post's Click Post.
    *Click Post has size and thickness restrictions. (A4 size, thickness 3cm or less)
  • Overseas orders will be shipped using DHL.

Can I have my package delivered to a designated delivery locker?

To prevent your package from being lost or stolen, we are unable to accommodate contactless delivery nor do we ship to a P.O. Box.

For domestic shipping, some housing units can have a package be delivered to a personal home delivery box or to a front desk attendant. For these options, please let us know in the memo field when ordering so we can find out if this option is available for you.

There is a crack in my knife's handle, can I have it replaced?

Japanese-style handles made of natural wood can be replaced. However, if the inner part of the handle (core) is damaged or rusted, it may be difficult to replace, so please contact us so we can determine the condition.

*Please note that the Western-style handle, which is made of packerb wood with a bolster, cannot be replaced.

Do you offer rust removal?

We have rotating water whetstones at our store, so we can thoroughly remove rust. However, if the rust has penetrated deeply, small chips may remain on the cutting edge.

Is it possible to repair only the chips on my knife?

We do not accept repairs for chips only. Since we will also resharpen the knife when repairing chips, you will be required to pay the chip repair fee in addition to the regular resharpening fee. Click here for repair fees depending on the size of the chip.

Example: A Santoku knife with a 5cm chip

Re-sharpening fee [Santoku knife] ¥1,400 + chip repair [5cm] ¥200, totaling ¥1,600.

Do you accept resharpening by mail?

Yes, however, shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customer. For more information, please check the [Sharpening Service] page.

How do you handle import taxes on international orders?

All customs duties incurred when exporting from Japan to overseas countries will be the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for any customs duties in each country or any additional charges such as DHL customs handling fees that may occur.

Customs duties vary depending on the shipping destination country, so please check your respective country's policies.

Furthermore, we will not falsify invoices or documents in order to avoid customs duties, such as declaring products as gifts or marking them lower than the original price. Please note that products shipped overseas are exempt from Japanese consumption tax. (All prices displayed on the mail order site include 10% Japanese consumption tax.)

Is duty-free possible in the case of a temporary return to the country?

Duty-free is possible if you make a purchase of over 5,500 yen and the following conditions are met:

  • You have a residence certificate or have been residing outside of Japan for more than two years.
  • You possess a passport stamped with entry into Japan.
  • The purchase date is within six months of your return date to Japan.
  • You have a copy of your residence certificate or an excerpt from your family register.

*Please ensure that the residence certificate is no more than six months old from the date of issuance.

What is your return/exchange policy?

We offer returns, refunds, and exchanges if the knife is defective or damaged regardless of the date of purchase. This policy does not cover damage caused by the customer. If you wish to have your product mailed, we will cover all shipping costs. Please note that refunds or exchanges will be processed after confirming the condition of the returned knife.

For any questions, please contact us.

Our knife selection is continuously updated, therefore we don't have a fixed catalog.
For any questions, please click the contact us button below to fill out an inquiry. We can then send you pictures and suggestions of knives that we think will suit your needs. If you are able to provide additional details regarding your needs, then we will be able to better assist you.