Office Work

Office Work

shipping preparation

Online Orders

We accept orders from within Japan and overseas. Our motto is "we don't just convey, we communicate", so even when we are unable to talk in person, we value communication with our customers, even in writing. We often receive emails of appreciation from customers.

Email Support

We accept inquiries by email from both within Japan and overseas, but most of our inquires come from abroad.
We receive a variety of inquiries, such as from customers who want to buy a new knife, would like to have a consultation, and even about resharpening/ chip repair. We also focus on after-sales customer satisfaction, so we work closely with our customers until their concerns are resolved.

telephone support

Telephone Support

Usually, we receive simple inquiries such as business hours and resharpening requests, but sometimes we have to make multiple phone calls with our customers. For example, if a customer is unable to order online, we may take orders over the phone. Since you can't see customers' facial expressions like you can when interacting with them in person, and you can't attach photos like you can with email, we try to be more polite when dealing with customer inquiries over the phone. We sometimes receive phone calls or letters expressing gratitude from customers who placed orders over the phone, which is a rewarding part of our job which makes us feel connected to our customers.

Instagram Management

We also put a lot of effort into managing our Instagram, so if you have experience with social media related work you will be able to play an active role right away. Many of us start with no experience, so it's completely okay even if you don't have any experience. This job consists of lots of creative work such as coming up with new plans and making proposals, so it should be a fun experience.

designing towerknives osaka sns


This job consists of creating posters, flyers, etc. We mainly use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. At first, you may need to do some learning on how to use the software, but it is rewarding when you see the posters you created being used at events and to also see the reactions from customers.