About Us

About Us

About Us

What is Tower Knives?

At Tower Knives, we specialize in Japanese Knives, Engraving, and Sharpening knives, with specialty stores located in Osaka and Tokyo.
If you would like to see Japanese-made knives or learn more about knives, our English-speaking staff will help you choose a knife that fits your needs and budget.


Our Message

At Tower Knives, we don't just sell knives, we place emphasis on helping our customers learn about the excellent knives made in Japan.

We would love for our customers to learn about the traditions and techniques that create knives, how to use and care for them, and the passion of our craftsmen who create them.

At our stores in Osaka and Tokyo, you can test out our knives so you can get a feel for how sharp they are, and we also demonstrate how to sharpen them using a whetstone.

We also provide explanations in English and other languages for customers from overseas.

We would like you to come visit our store and learn about the wonders of knives made by Japanese craftsmen.

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