Overseas Delivery

About Orders

Orders placed at our online store are first sent as an ORDER REQUEST. Our staff will then contact you via email to confirm your order. Please double check that the items you ordered are correct. Please be aware that single-beveled knives (mostly fish fillet knives) are often mistaken for general-purpose knives, and left-handed people may accidentally purchase right-handed knives. Exchanges after international shipping can be expensive, so please read the policy below before placing your order. After confirming your order, we will issue an electronic invoice via PayPal or Square. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay your Square bill with a credit card.

Our International Order Policy

We may suspend all or part of our services for various reasons, and we shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer or any third party as a result. However, this does not apply if we were intentionally or grossly negligent, resulting in damage.

  • We will ship using DHL Express.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the package and delivery address.
  • We don't ship to every country in the world, but we do ship to most countries. If you have any questions regarding shipping to your country, please feel free to contact us via email.
  • Shipping charges will be calculated once your order has been received and we have determined the desired products and shipping address. Overseas shipping costs start from 3,300 yen.
  • Online payments are accepted via PayPal or with a credit card via SQAURE. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact us via email and let us know.
  • All packages exported from Japan to your country are subject to the import taxes of your country.
  • We are not responsible for knowing your country's import tax laws and are not responsible for any of these additional charges your country may impose on your shipment.
  • We cannot and will not falsify invoices or documents to avoid these taxes, such as listing the items as gifts or reducing the price of the product.
  • If import tax is applied, DHL will charge an additional import tax handling fee of approximately 2,300 yen to the import taxes. This fee amount varies depending on the country.
  • Since the products are exported, they will be subject to the customer's country's tax, but all products that we invoice to the customer will be exempt from Japanese tax. The price displayed on our web shop includes 10% Japanese tax.
  • We will only accept returns if the product is unused and not damaged or the product is determined by us to be faulty. We are not responsible for damage caused to the item by the customer's misused or negligence. Please carefully read the care and maintenance information provided with the product.
  • Knives with name engravings cannot be returned.
  • We will bear the return shipping costs when the fault is with us. For all other returns or exchanges the customer is responsible for the shipping fees.
  • Refunds for purchased products will be made after the product has been returned and inspected.

For any problems, questions, or inquiries regarding other products in our store, please email us including the answers to the questions below.

  • Are you left-handed or right-handed?
  • Are you looking for a common kitchen knife or a small paring knife, or a specialized knife such as a single-edged fish knife?
  • Do you prefer stain-resistant steel or carbon steel? (Carbon steel is prone to oxidation and rust.)
  • What is your desired blade length (from the heel to the tip of the blade)?
  • Do you prefer a Japanese-style or Western-style handle? (Western-style handles have a blade all the way to the tip.)
  • Do you need a whetstone to take care of your knife?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?

For any questions, please contact us.

Our knife selection is continuously updated, therefore we don't have a fixed catalog.
For any questions, please click the contact us button below to fill out an inquiry. We can then send you pictures and suggestions of knives that we think will suit your needs. If you are able to provide additional details regarding your needs, then we will be able to better assist you.