Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our hiring process.

I don't know anything about knives, is that okay?

Yes. Don't worry, we will teach you everything from the beginning. Most of the staff originally joined the company with no knowledge of knives, but within three months they were able to help customers on their own.

Can I work if I am a foreign national?

Yes. Anyone who can speak Japanese at a native level and is motivated is welcome. However, this is limited to those who have a valid work visa.

Is there a possibility that I will be transferred?

It is unlikely that you will be transferred.

Are there raises?

Yes. We value your knowledge and skills, so you can receive a raise based on your hard work. Please learn as much as you can and aim to improve your skills.

I want to work using English, but I am not confident in my English skills. Is that okay?

Yes. Don't worry, we have a support system in place that includes an English language training week. In fact, even staff members who were not good at English are now able to serve foreign customers without any help as a result of their efforts.

Can I apply if I currently live overseas?

We accept applications only from those who are planning to reside in Japan. We do not conduct remote interviews, so only those who can meet in-person will be interviewed.

Please note that our company does not currently have any remote work, so we do not have any work based overseas.

Are there any age restrictions for application?

Our company's retirement age is 65, so anyone under this age can apply. Also, academic background and work history are not required.