In-Store Drop Off

Osaka Shop

Same-Day Finishing

Depending on the time and day items are brought in, they may be returned the next day or the day after.
Please check the schedule below to see which days same-day finishing is available.



Single-bevel knives / special knives / large chips

〇 = If brought in by 3PM, we can finish it on the same day (within 3 hours).
△ = Consultation required
✗ = Acceptance is possible, but returns will be made the following day.


  • Even if same-day finishing is stated to be available on the schedule, depending on how busy the shop is and the condition of the knife, it may take until the following day.
  • In the case of Honyaki knives, it will take more than a week to return the knife.

Tokyo Shop

Return within 7-10 days

Knives received in our Tokyo shop for resharpening are collected and sent to our Osaka store to be sharpened. The turn around time to be returned to you is approximately 7 to 10 days.

Resharpening Requests Through Mail

If you would like to send us your knife by mail to have sharpened, please first read STEPS 1-4 to understand the process. Then, fill out an inquiry form found by clicking the 'Inquire About' button below.

*If we do not receive an email reply in response to our estimate, we may have to return the knife you sent us.
*Payments made by cash on delivery have an extra handling fee of 440.
*Please note that we cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of parcel by the transportation company during transportation between our company and customers.
Inquire/Request estimate

Please be sure to contact us using the resharpening form before shipping.

We will email you an estimate of the resharpening fee and instructions on how to pay. You can choose to pay by cash on delivery (440 yen handling fee), credit card, or bank transfer.

Send your knives

Please send your knife to our shop. For the details of where to ship and how to pack your knife safely, we will let you know via  email. Once we receive your knife, we will send you a quote and let you know how to proceed with the payment selected at STEP-1.


Once we confirm that your payment has been completed, we will begin resharpening.
*In the case of cash on delivery, as a general rule, we will begin resharpening the knife as soon as it arrives.

Returning your knife

Once the resharpening is complete, we will ship the knife back to you by post. We will also email you with the shipment details.

Tutorials on the Basics

Please refer to the YouTube videos below for the basic methods of sharpening a knife.

For other videos related to cutlery and craftsmen, please click on the YouTube link below.
Sharpening Services


Prices vary depending on the type and length of the knife, so please check the table below.

Knife Type
Petty knife up to 155mm
1,000 yen
Santoku, Bunka, Nakiri 160-185mm
1,400 yen
Gyuto 190-235mm / Sujibiki 190-265mm
1,500 yen
Gyuto 240-265mm / Sujibiki 270-295mm
1,600 yen
Gyuto 270-295mm / Sujibiki 295mm~
1,800 yen
Gyuto 300mm~
2,000 yen
Yanagiba 180mm / Deba 120mm
1,400 yen
Yanagiba 210mm / Deba, Usuba 150mm
1,500 yen
Yanagiba 240mm
1,600 yen
Yanagiba 270mm / Deba, Usuba 180mm
1,800 yen
Yanagiba 300mm / Deba, Usuba 210mm
2,000 yen
Deba, Usuba 240mm
2,200 yen
Yanagiba 30mm
2,300 yen
Special Knives 
Please contact us
Blade Chip Repair
Additional Fee
Double bevel chip less than 5mm
Double bevel chip 5mm to 1cm
200 yen
Double bevel chip 1cm or more
500 yen
Single bevel chip less than 3mm
Single bevel chip 3mm to 1cm
400 yen
Single bevel chip 1cm or more
1,000 yen
Handle Option Services
Additional Fee
Handle  Replacement
Please contact us
Handle/Bolster Polishing
200 yen
Custom Shape
Additional Fee
Modification to Kiritsuke Style
500 yen
Shortening (3cm or more)
500 yen
Please inquire about handle polishing and handle replacement.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our customers.

How long does it take to re-sharpen?

If you bring your knives to the Osaka shop (Tower Knives Osaka)some text

If you bring your knives before 3PM, we can usually finish them on the same date unless you bring very specific types of knives or the shop is very busy.

If you bring your knives to the Tokyo shop (Tower Knives Tokyo)some text

It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to return your knives as we sharpen knives only in our Osaka store.

Is it possible to repair only the chips on my knife?

We do not accept repairs for chips only. Since we will also resharpen the knife when repairing chips, you will be required to pay the chip repair fee in addition to the regular resharpening fee. Click here for repair fees depending on the size of the chip.

Example: A Santoku knife with a 5cm chip

Re-sharpening fee [Santoku knife] ¥1,400 + chip repair [5cm] ¥200, totaling ¥1,600.

Do you accept resharpening by mail?

Yes, however, shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customer. For more information, please check the [Sharpening Service] page.

Do you offer rust removal?

We have rotating water whetstones at our store, so we can thoroughly remove rust. However, if the rust has penetrated deeply, small chips may remain on the cutting edge.

There is a crack in my knife's handle, can I have it replaced?

Japanese-style handles made of natural wood can be replaced. However, if the inner part of the handle (core) is damaged or rusted, it may be difficult to replace, so please contact us so we can determine the condition.

*Please note that the Western-style handle, which is made of packerb wood with a bolster, cannot be replaced.

If you have any other questions, please check the list of frequently asked questions below.